"Are you kidding me?" 

 He's kidding the German Rap. 

Who is Si-To MC?

Si-To MC is a German rapper. He is currently under contract with Vier Sterne Deluxe Records.

He is afraid to present himself publicly. At first he was on the Mixtape Das Verm├Ąchniss der RST in 2013 by DJ Kaito. In the same year on the TO o to EP. From this cooperation a friend chat with DJ Kaito was born. In 2014 he joined the music project and the Lable Vier Sterne Deluxe. He contributed a remix on the Unbquem Fernsehen EP. In February 2015 he released his first album Anders ist besser. In 2017 he was heard in the song Siwato by DJ Kaito. On May 25, 2019 he released his second album called BLACK.